Redwood Timber – Specifically graded for your end use

We have many years experience importing redwood from Scandinavian & Russian sawmills.

Only selected trees are felled in the forest. The logs are sawn to many sizes and kilned with care to minimise cracking. The redwood is then graded and packaged for shipment to our yard. We import the traditional grades of unsorted and 5ths.

At our premises we grade the redwood for specific end use to minimise waste. Our unique grade 1 is the best quality we produce and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Our grade 1 reduces waste to less than 2-3%

We saw redwood to specific sizes as requested by our customers, in particular heart/centre removed and shake free sections. This is used primarily for the manufacturing of windows, doors and bespoke
joinery, by those requiring only the best.

After grading, every piece of our redwood is end stamped.

Merchants buying our special grades, including grade 1, often ask for their identification or name to be stamped on each piece – a good marketing tool

We hold substantial stocks of most sizes and grades of redwood. These are available for immediate delivery, a single piece to a lorry load, throughout the UK. We like to understand the requirements of our customers in order to produce the exact grade to do the job.

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